An Overview Of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual property laws are confusing. Especially with all of the fine print in agreements on social media networks including Instagram and Facebook, it is difficult for some of us to understand when we can and cannot use an image, a quotation, etc. Of course images and written words are not the only types of intellectual property. There are also patents, names, etc. that can be considered property.


No matter what you do, every job has some intellectual property law issues come up at one point. Do you work in the design field? I am sure that you have experienced someone stealing your design, your general layout, or even maybe your exact art. Are you a photographer? Even if you have a watermark on all of your images online, some people may find a way to cut your watermark out or edit it in a way that takes away the credit given to you. Are you a content marketer? How often have you had people copy the blogs you write or the content you put on an infographic. These are not the only problems and questions that occur. Some questions you may have had include:
• Should I get this copyrighted?
• Can I use this photo?
• When do I need to give credit?
• I thought of that product first, what can I do?

The best way to get the answers to these questions is to hire an intellectual property lawyer like Livingston Loeffler – LLIPLAW. Livingston Loeffler has offices in Naples, Fort Myers, and Sarasota, Florida, but is available to help with intellectual property cases throughout the United States.

According to LLIPLAW, every business should seek legal advice from an intellectual property lawyer at some point. As a business, your intellectual property is an important asset, and it is important for you to protect what you know and what you own.

LLIPLAW focuses and specializes in intellectual property law and patent law. With years of experience in protecting intellectual property, you will find no one else better to help you defend what is yours. LLIPLAW work closely with each of their clients to determine the details of the case, understand your specific industry, determine what your end goal is, and achieve the best result possible with your goals in mind. No matter how small or invaluable you may think that your intellectual property is, it is always safest to make sure it is protected. Do you remember those “Silly Bandz” that came out about four summers ago? That seemed like a pretty silly idea, but whoever came up with it ended up making a ton of money off of the idea. That is assuming that the person who came up with the idea was the one who made the money off of Silly Bandz.