Uses For Election Systems & Software

Unfortunately, we are not able to use electronic election systems and software for voting for the upcoming Presidential Election. This is unfortunate because due to some people’s work schedules, they may not be able to make it to their local polling facility to vote for their candidate of choice. There are many debates about whether or not we should find a way to allow people to vote online for the Presidential Election, but we’ll save that particular topic for another day. We would like to discuss three situations in which you can use election systems and software to aid in your voting process.

The first situation in which you can use e-voting software is in a community election. Community elections can be anything from electing a director of volunteers at your local community center to choosing a new board member for a local charity. These elections are not as serious as the Presidential Election, and there is not a very large chance that people will try to cheat the system to get extra votes. Additionally, you may not have very many rules about who can vote, and why would anyone outside of your community care to vote anyway. Finally, people may be less willing to take time out of their day to go to a voting facility to vote in a smaller election like this. To get a good voter turnout and make things easier for everyone, you should know one of the many election systems and software.

School Elections

School elections are another great opportunity to use e-voting software. From elementary school all the way through college, students are asked to take part in elections to elect their class representatives. Students can choose to run for secretary, treasurer, vice president, or president. Students usually go through a campaign process in which they create banners, hand out pins, do some speeches, and made even participate in debates. These studevotent elections are used to help children learn about the election process.They also help to feel the need to get involved in local, state, and national elections once they are old enough to vote. When you are dealing with a large school, the easiest way to collect and count the votes is by using an election software program. This way your teachers will not waste valuable teaching time on counting ballots.

The last situation that wants to discuss using e-voting for is audience participation. There are many television shows that feed off of audience participation. In shows like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Voice, the contestants are voted on by the viewers of the show. Online voting systems have made it easy for these viewers to watch the show in the comfort of their living rooms, then vote for their favorite contestants using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Without electronic systems, these audiences would not be able to participate in the voting process.