5 Great Digital Marketing Strategies

With most if not all companies advertising their products and services online, it’s extremely important that businesses develop an effective marketing strategy to boost sales and increase productivity. Marketing strategies can be both simple and effective, especially if the focus lies on applying more traditional marketing methods to modern technology.

One great marketing strategy is ensuring that your  Maryland SEO (search engine optimization) plan is effective and strategic. Search engine optimization is the practice of streamlining content to increase rankings on search engines such as Google. Companies that haven’t devised a plan to increase their SEO are lagging behind more current competitors, and can rectify this by increasing their SEO keyword density in content and optimizing their website for search engine results.

A second great marketing strategy is becoming ‘mobile’. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile technology, a business that isn’t marketable via mobile is one that is trailing behind its competitors. Ensuring that websites are not only compatible with mobile but provide an optimum experience when used, can increase the marketability of a company and generate better search results on engines such as Google.

A third great marketing strategy is picking appropriate content. It’s no longer enough to generate generic content- content must now be high quality, and serve not only a purpose but also target a specific niche too. There are varying statics indicating the popularity of different types of content, but generally the most effective technique is to focus on a niche. Broad and generic content that could, but probably won’t, appeal to a range of people can be found boring and repetitive by audiences. Instead, focusing on specific subjects for a targeted demographic has proven much more effective in the long term.

A fourth great marketing strategy is keeping it simple. Marketing experts seem to agree that inundating potential or existing customers with too much information in too short a period can be counterproductive. Instead, focus on providing a simple yet engaging experience for customers- where contact is minimal but effective, and advertising is clean in its graphics and memorable in its simplicity.

A fifth great digital marketing strategy is paid advertising. While this seems simple, it’s effectiveness has been proven time and time again. Paid advertising that promotes pages and posts on social media platforms, for example, can be an extremely comprehensive way of directing more traffic to business pages. Paid advertising on Facebook is a particularly effective way of generating traffic to business pages, and as little as $10 can increase communication with potential customers by the hundreds.